Don’t Be Rolling Your Eyes At Me!!!

Where are all the Argos shoppers??? 0:00 – 0:09 I am waking up from everything and plan to visit the market. Everything is crowded but owner of that blog (The Short One) do not like Christmas season and everything related to all that WOW;) I bought 3 items only. My parents used to get me to shopping when I was a kid, it was much funnier than now. As well I do not that person to buy gifts for other people, I always was depressed doing that;) I was afraid to disappoint the friend.

I think I drowned in a puddle…00:09-19:00 Very little people purchasing offline anymore, everyone is online now. But I do go out and purchase things. But Christmas time should get more people. As well as all this shops were located in other places;( I see some women around me, maybe I know them, they try to chit chat to me. I am hearing my mum’s voice from past which saying to me do not go far;) It’s too easy to loose a customer this days. I am also visiting gym before that. I like it much more before, I mean past year. Weather now chilly. I am going by around Tesco, it’s a bit raining. I feel rain touching skin. Luckily I am living in town center. I am drowned in a puddle. My boots full of rain water. Let’s make a break and get back to my website and every social network.

Where did all that blood come from??? 19:00-25:28 Tell your friends about me on your social media and friends network, everywhere share it please. Facebook, Twitter, iTunes. We will back next year;) I am in Tesco, I really take notes about the women in front of me. I am browsing my notes and contact list and checking if I know her, she smiles at me. I don’t need to be seen. I might know her. I really do hope she is all right. I am getting back to my notes. The woman still there. I am hoping you have good Christmas. See you next year;) To end this let me recommend you some Christmas shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent

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