ABOUT ME… (as always)

I have been described as arrogant, confident, shy, gregarious, bitchy, mouthy, controversial, introvert, extrovert and more. Let’s just say that I am a mess. And, as far as I remember, I have been the target customer of businesses ever since I was born.

This treasure (me, of course) came to the UK before the internet. I grew up in North West London then recently ended up in St Albans – beat that for worldwide travel Christopher Columbus!

I have worked in various industries and found how to work hard and play hard. Most importantly of all, I have been a customer for endless number of companies since the age of about 5, when I was first allowed to pass the cashier money for some sweeties.

Growing up and walking through the streets (with shops), I have noticed the dramatic decline of small businesses.

Gone are the days of the shopkeeper knowing ‘your usual’ goodies and knowing your whole life story (I like talking to strangers, they are the best listeners)

Large companies with their forever changing staff (some with attitude problems) are taking over.

It now feels like every time I go to a shop, restaurant or wherever, I have to have my back-up, because who knows if an argument or staring match will kick-off.

Listen, I love telling stories – I sometimes feel that drama finds me and wants to battle with my last nerve, so, that’s where the idea of the podcast came about.

I want to share my adventures with whoever listens to my podcast and I hope you enjoy them.

I am also a small business champion and hope that my podcast serves as an education on what not to do. It’s important for businesses to hear things from a customer perspective and I hope that my musings offer business owners some food for thought.

Not that it’s important, but let me tell you some fun facts about me: I am short (hence the nickname), I can move one eyeball independently and have a slight stutter, when it decides to rear its ugly head.

See, you actually do learn something new everyday! You’re welcome!!!